How MMPR Serves You

Digital Branding Opportunities

These are just some of the types of places on the internet where we operate in order to give you the very best public relations campaign and protect your reputation as we brand you to the world.

Web 2.0 Sites – Web 2.0 sites are typically content-based sites that allow users to post articles, and sometimes links inside those articles, the cover almost any topic.

Press release sites – online press releases can often show up very fast in Google News and are typically not overly promotional. Periodically they allow for links in the press release but often allow them at the end of a press release.

Article Directories – article directories are another form of website that gives the user the opportunity to share information about just about anything. Many article directories have a quality control process in place to help keep out some of the sketchy things such as pharmaceuticals that are not legal, porn sites and information about porn, and information about gambling. Links are often allowed and are typically monitored.

Microblogs – just about everyone is familiar with the website Twitter but many people do not know about some of the other microblogs out there that can be used for promotional purposes. We mix in a few here and there to keep things random and although they are only 140 characters per post allowed these are effective to a certain extent.

Social Media – sites such as Facebook are important to use in order to get you a solid public relations presents. Facebook is just one of the many that are available to improve your image online. We use various ones depending upon what you currently have in place as well as indirect activity on relevant pages.

Blog Commenting – finding relevant and even non-relevant blogs is an excellent way to increase your positive online presence in a public relations campaign as use often as they are a nice diverse opportunity. Although not overly aggressive in nature, blog comments can work for public relations as well as some SEO when used properly.

Wiki Sites – the granddaddy of all wiki’s is Wikipedia but there are tens of thousands of other wiki sites that should be used in any public relations campaign. Typically bland looking due to their content management system as is common in that arena of the online world, wiki sites can offer some opportunities for exposure that many fail to capitalize on.

Private Network Posts – private networks are generally set up to keep out rift raft and many offer a healthy dose of Internet presence for those looking for a valuable public relations campaign. The content is usually superior to some of the public sites and guarded closely by the site owners to maintain a specific level of quality control. The sites are typically invite only and usually rank very high in the search engines.

Social Signals – unlike social media, social signals target just your local area when used in your public relations campaign. Positive social signals in relevant areas can aid your local presence online and are a tremendous benefit for those needing a boost in their own locale, whether it is city, County, or statewide.

Video Sites – sure, you know who YouTube is, but many people are unaware that there Videos for Reputation managementare a bunch of other video sharing sites that can give you some positive public relations opportunities. A short video with attached commentary is a real plus the online public relations world and getting a video to show up in the search engines to represent a client is something that mass media public relations does on a regular basis.

Forum Profiles and Posts – there are millions of forms the cover anything from act eaters to zoology and everything in between. Setting up a complete forum profile and then posting relevant content to increase your presence in a forum online that is targeted to some of your interests or your industry is beneficial long-term.

Boutique Websites – mass media public relations will create a boutique website using specific keywords related to your needs complete with unique content and properly named images, index all pages as well as send SEO to the pages to give your site a boost. We can have the website in a standalone, link to one you already have in place or even just reference you or your site. Included in the purchase of the boutique site is the cost of the domain as well as free hosting for one year.