Drip Feed Technology!

Online Public Relations Done Naturally

One way to totally blow any sense of natural public relations campaign is to just blast and index all manner of content. A slow drip fed public relations campaign will give you longer, longer-lasting and more effective results and for that reason we do not rush the process. Much of the content created and posted is not seen by the search engines just because it is up there. Google, Bing and the other search engines need to be told that there is something new up so they can send their bots to crawl the sites with the content is created and index the materials so it shows up in the search engines when someone searches for.

With the content drip fed into the search engines in that manner they are not “stuffing” the search engines and thus have more than natural feel to it. The natural content will fill the search engines with positive informationPublic relations process about you or your firm must give you a strong online public relations image for the masses.

On the contrary, a massive blizzard of pages, content and links that are all More...lauding and applauding you, your firm and your site will cause the search engines to raise an eyebrow and give them reason to be concerned. Make no mistake about it, there’s a time when you want the search engines to be looking at you at a time when you want to stay below the radar. Get on their radar is one attempting to flood them all at once and you could cause the search engines to consider your work as contrived. Random slow drip feed indexing is much more effective in the online public relations process and Mass Media Public Relations operates in that manner.

Do not lose the opportunity to give yourself or your firm a positive online presence with a massive multitude of instant gratification.

Allow our team to build the proper infrastructure on the proper mix of content management platforms to give you the best managed public relations campaign with our tailored public relations services.