Mass Media Web Design

Web Sites For Online Presence

Every business or professional needs a presence on the internet that they can call their own and the web site should be professional, complete and have proper on site SEO (search engine optimization). The team at Mass Media Public Relations does build sites on a small scale as part of the online public relation packages we offer but if you need or want one that is tailored to you specifically, we can offer that service to you which would be much more expansive and have more depth than the one for a public relations campaign.

We offer a variety of looks and styles so you can choose one that reflects your image. The site that we create especially for you would have the proper pictures on it, professionally written content by one of our copywriters and Build a website for my businesswould be submitted into all the search engines for easy crawling and indexing so it would show up when a person searches for it.

In addition to the site being “You/Your Firm” specific, we would also target ancillary terms (keywords) that people search for when trying to find your type of firm or the someone in the same profession as yourself. That would give you a broader base of search engine activity as well as Google et. al. looking at your site as more of an authority site. Having a site that has some authority is an important aspect of the site building in order for the site to rank on the first page of Google, Bing and the others.

Also, the sites we create are also “Mobile Ready” so that they show up nicely in all mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. They are all compatible with both Apple (iPhone + iPad) as well as the various Android models so you would be covered there as well and since 64% of the people looking for a local business or professional use a mobile device you want that option.

So, do not do without a web presence and let us design a site that reflects you and get it on the first page of Google!